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What you do not find elsewhere, we have it! Jouvence offers a wide range of products to meet the personal needs of every woman. Thus, the company specializes in the manufacture of regular or adapted bra short or long, corsets, swimwear and sheaths of all kinds. It also offers complete prosthesis, half-prosthesis for bathing and adapted bras in store.

At Jouvence, the opening hours are irregular to be able to have appointment ranges. Get one 7 days a week by calling 450 438 6140.

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Jouvence a story of 70 years.

The Jouvence company was founded in 1947 in the Laurentian region. The specialty made-to-measure bras automatically makes the company very coveted and research. Over the years, a change of ownership is made twice to ensure continuity to this growing business. In 2010, Micheline Aubrey bought the company Jouvence and passed on her creative talents. It adapts itself to the generation by setting up a website so that clients can refer to it throughout Quebec.